Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lush Designs at home

What could be more lovelier than a velvety chair that used to belong to Nana?

 I'LL tell you what - a velvety chair flanked by two Lush designs shades and cradling a comely OWL cushion in its velourous seat.

AND while your at it, may I invite you to admire the glistening shrine that is the fireplace - recently tarted up with a bit of Dutch Metal Leaf. Took Hours, and I've still got varnish and golden flaky bits stuck to my good cardigan.

If you're likin' the look, the Owl cushion, Cat shade and Pig with Clouds shade are all available from:


  1. They are on my xmas list!!! Ahh what a lovely picture…i could quite happily perch in that chair with my lady grey and a hobnob or two…..

    Beautiful xxxx