Monday, 24 May 2010


This slender Loris is one of a series of Illustrations for a collection of stories which will soon be published by Beautiful Books. Like the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling this collection features animals, in each case an endangered species. Hanif Kureishi and William Boyd are among the contributers. Profits go to Wildaid and The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

O Loris with your arms so slim
Clinging to a jungle limb
Is your diet (mainly fruit)
The reason why you stay so cute?

I expect so.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the shop today

We've got a few new designs in the shop this week.

This is a snap I took today (blame the camera)

The very large shade hanging on the left which comes in a lovely Ribena colour (plus a few others) depicts a panorama of a condensed version of London as seen from the South side of the Thames.
For those of you who like boats there's two of them on it.
For those of you who like the macabre there is a secret drowned person lurking in the water.
For those of you who have a very big house its actually ideal, being fully 57cm in diameter.


If you squeeze your eyeballs very hard you'll be able to see the lovely new Centaur design pillow cases displayed therein.


What in God's name is this selection of outlandish objects????!!!!

You may be interested to know that we Lush Designers have had many incarnations. Why, for a great many years in the 1980s we made costume jewellery. In them far off days we were called LUSHLOBES. When we stopped making earrings we changed it to Lush Designs.

Some of you may note with interest that a certain soapy bath-bomb company chose a rather similar name. Not many people get us mixed up though.

Anyway; thanks to lovely Jackie Elliman who has been a customer for all these years and sent us this photo of her ancient Lushlobe artifacts.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tattoos R Us


An interesting thing happened the other day. I found our old pal Terry Datson on facebook whom we haven't seen for over twenty years. Terry lives in Ireland and has a band called The Taxmen ( Check out their swingin' grooves.

Many years have come and gone and his once flaming red hair is now snowy white.
In the olden days Terry had a marvellous band called Fatz Datz and the Kool Katz. We designed this cheery poster for them in about 1832 when Margaret Thatcher was in power and we all needed cheering up.

ANYWAY - we now discover that Tel's only been and gone and had the Kat from that old poster indelibly depicted on his manly (freckly) arm.

Bet he never thought we'd find him on facebook and demand a design fee!

Not really, Tel. We love being immortalised on your arm. XXX

Eeech! Ouch! Ooch!
Et Voila!