Friday, 24 December 2010

Lush Designs; the FABULOUS shop

This is what our shop window has been looking like over the festive yuletide season. Gay and cheerful are the new stag/dog/pheasant shades are in seasonal tints of red, gold and white!

See how very DEAR our customers are?
They recognised queen Victoria on this lampshade -

Cute, adorable AND intelligent.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tray Tray Bong

"However will I carry all these beverages which I have poured for my many fabulous and important friends who are gathered in my designery lounge area talking about important things in an amusing way in spite of being in need of refreshment? I only have TWO HANDS!!!!"

Fear not! Lush Designs to the rescue!
Wooden trays now available at the Lush Designs Shop at 8 College Approach, Greenwich, London SE10, elegant, sturdy and ideal for breakfast in bed, lunch in the garden, or that game where you have to guess which object has been removed.

Also available soon from