Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Goldfinches? Greenfinches?

Spring must surely be but a breath away

Here's a couple of birds who are about to enjoy feast of catkins and lichen.

Both Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow enjoy a similar diet and credit it with the maintenance of a lustrous golden barnet.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lush Designs, yes. Carolyn Cheng, no.

We designed this HILARIOUS leaflet for our Greenwich shop way back in 2009.

Like Frankenstein's monster it has been revived and come to life on the website of someone who goes by the name of Carolyn Cheng. She's decided to claim it as her own design.

Blimey.  Its not THAT good.

Check out her website to see he complete portfolio of mysteriously diverse styles

Mind you, by the time you read this perhaps she'll have had the sense to remove our design and replace it with something she's designed herself.

To see OUR website in all its glory click right here

Thursday, 21 February 2013

sumptuous beds

Here's the bed that I take my afternoon nap in.  Oh, its SOOOO tiring doodlin' and a-twiddlin' that I must sink into these sumptuous cushions and DREEEEEAM up some lovely new products.... 

...and here is where the others sleep after a 16 hour shift.  

Order from the sleepy ladies at

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Where DO they get their ideas from?

Artwork for Owl lampshade by Lush designs using original drawings by Marie Rodgers.
Carefully designed owl tea towel by small company Lush Designs 
using original drawings by Marie Rodgers
Fabric by large Bradford textile company Prestigious Textiles.
All I can say is thank goodness they haven't found anyone who can actually draw.

If you wanna see the REAL thing lookee here

Saturday, 16 February 2013

NOT Lush Designs

Spotted in Norwich...

The fabric used for these craft projects looks strangely familiar.

The designer of this fabric has taken motifs from the Lush Designs ouevre and combined them ALL - in the one fabric print!

See if you can spot the trees from the owl print, the mushroom from the wild pigs print, the fox, the snails, the plants from the monkey print, the plants from the fox and cubs print, the raspberries from our tea towel, the spotty leaves from the cat print? Man, they've even got the beetroots with danglin' roots in there!


What's this?

Something bold
something NEW, 
something wibbly 
and something blue.

Thats what all us ladies will be wearing when someone eventually gets round to marrying us,

and as it happens its also a fair description of our new design.  But what is it for....?

Whatever it is, you'll be sure it'll find its way into our range.  See the whole shebang at

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Columbia Road !

Would you Adam and Eve it? In our continuing quest for world domination we've finally managed to cross the river to the East End and we've temporarily dominated a small shop in fabulous Columbia Road. Have a butcher's at this elegant display...

We're both cockneys at heart e'en though one of us be Irish and then other from the frozen North, so the proximity of both bagels and curry is imperative for future happiness. We'll be shovelling jellied eels in our North and South before you can say Ruby Murray.

The shop may only be the size of a bus shelter, but tardis-like we've managed to get all our stuff in there with a cunning curtain in Cottages and Castles fabric concealing all the crap.

We love this white-painted woodeny wall which provides the perfect backdrop for Lush designs cards and wrapping paper.
Come and visit us when you're down this way me old china - Lush Designs, 136 Columbia Road, London E2 7RJ, we're only open from Friday til Sunday when you can visit the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.
Meanwhile, you can have a gander at our website