Sunday, 2 December 2012

Frosty morn

Some lovely people came into our Pop-Up Shop on Lordship lane in East Dulwich and bought two of these pale and frosty cat shades to put in their gunmetal grey hallway.  We think they'll look spiffing.

And this morning I looked out of the window and the garden was resplendent with both cats AND frost. This isn't my garden by the way, but its rather lovely aint it?

...and here's a cat whose name is Frost apparently.

You can't buy him, but you can buy the lampshade from or from the Lush Designs shop in Greenwich or Lordship Lane in East Dulwich.


  1. How cool is that cat? ... and the garden... AND the Lampshades!

  2. Can i please have the cat? And the lampshade…i already have the frosty fields!! Lovely little post xxxx

  3. Cat not for sale - Cats shade available from Lush Designs xxx

  4. Cat not for sale - Cats shade available from Lush Designs xxx

  5. A beautiful garden! And of course the lampshade as well!

    Momo told me you have your studio somewhere in the city centre? On Saturday we were discussing with Tatiana and Momo how funny the world is! You are the only reason why we all met and are now doing a show together! )))

    Did you already go to see the exhibition? If you still plan to, don't forget your smartphone (and pre-install Aurasma app when you have time e.g. on a train).

    x Anna

  6. Hi Anna - our studio is at Cockpit in Deptford, Momo might be thinking of the Holborn branch of Cockpit arts which we guest at for their open studio.
    I'm afraid I haven't seen the exhibition because I'm in a Lush Designs bubble. The run up to Christmas involves a 70 hour working week and its been even more frantic than usual, partly because we have two shops now. I spend lots of time cycling/walking (with my dog) up to East Dulwich.
    I'm afraid I don't have a smartphone. Although I WOULD like one, I can't actually think of a reason why I need one. I think Father Christmas should buy me one, don't you? x