Saturday, 29 August 2009

Time to grow your hair

How long would it take to grow your hair to grow this long? You could lie in the water, watching time go by, the hands slowly turning round and round and ...
before you know it you're swirling around in a universe of hair and everything is pink.

To recreate this cosmic experience you could just purchase one of Lush Designs' delightful time pieces with the long haired gal depicted thereon, thus saving you years of tedious and impractical hair-growing.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"St Paul's Pigeons" by Mark Hearld

This is one of Mark Hearld's beautiful works. It was used as the invitation for an exhibition of work from St. Jude's gallery in Norfolk ( Mark was kind enough to send it to us and we couldn't get there because it happened at the same time as all that snow on February 2nd. Hopefully we'll get another opportunity to meet and we can gush at him like schoolgirls - we LOVE his work.

May we introduce ourselves?

In case you wondered who the ladies behind Lush Designs were, here we are...

We're working on a new lampshade design. Its all about London, the Thames and flood danger. Our studio and shop are in the flood plain, so sorry if we occasionally bang on about climate change.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

All new Lush Designs Blog!

A big hello to all you wunnerful people who dig our super-fancy designs. We're going to tell you what's new at Lush Designs and show you some of the things that we get excited about - including the work of our talented friends - yes, even the ones we're terribly jealous of.

For people who don't know us you can see (and buy) Lush Designs products at

We've had a studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford for so long I think we could be described as venerable elders.

We've only had our shop in beautiful, historic Greenwich for a year, but of course SE10 is our second favourite borough so we're quite settled in there. If you're down that way (you can get there by boat of course) pop in and say hello, we're next to The Admiral Hardy pub in Greenwich Market.