Sunday, 25 July 2010


Back in the day - before designs were Lush, we used to make "jewellery".

We were called Lushlobes, but this one's for your Lush lapel.
See the fish, the cross, both holy symbols of Jesu.
On the other hand it could equally be worn by piscean heathens who devote themselves to the much maligned science of astrology. Obviously they'd have to have a bloody big velvet cloak though because if I remember rightly it was about five inches across.

Carnival Time

Another bit of Lush Designs history for you,

Its that time of year when the thoughts of the wild and crazy folk turn to CARNIVAL.
There's the extravagant Mas of Trinidad, the opulent sexuality of Rio De Janeiro, the toilet queues of Notting Hill...

and there's Deptford..

At one time in our long and windin' career we designed children for carnival use. This archive photograph was taken around 1992.

Note the purple socks. we were famous for that.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Raspberry beret?

To be fair, Prince gets it right most of the time - but what he really shoulda been singin' was...


Available from from mid August


You are being hypnotised

You know you neeeeed one.

Are you liking our new marketing technique?

We learned how to do it off Paul McKenna in his best-selling book:
"I can make people buy your lampshades"


Do you like music?
Do you dig poetry?
Are you mad about mayhem?
Man you better love BLURT

We saw them play last night in Bow and they made our ears crinkle with joy

Hear them

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


There were far too many exclamation marks in that last post which was only about storage and didn't warrant such abandoned punctuation.


In the STUDIO today

Hey! Look at our new shelves!

See the neatness of our boxes!
Our rings in in apple-pie order!

In the Shop Today:

Was ever there such a cheery sight as these two colourful ladies? Our photo in no way does justice to their look.

Thank Christ Trinny and Susannah didn't get hold of them and put them in a bias cut linen skirt, a dreary jacket and lipstick the colour of a cats arse.

Little London shades

They nagged, they cajoled, they begged;
we reacted, we created, we produced.

Here it is the (excitingly named) MEDIUM LONDON SHADE.

The dead lady IS on it (round the other side)

"Which dead lady?" you anxiously inquire.

"See our blog entry of June 13th" we gravely respond.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Chez Lush

We at Lush Designs live wonderful creative lives and surround ourselves with loveliness.
See here how elegantly we have assembled an amusing selection of objets and justaposed them JUST SO in the window so that not just you, oh blog voyeur, but all those lucky passers by can feast their eyes upon the FABULOUSNESS.

Pussy design

Appearing on kitchenwares near you soon...

Toying with an inappropriate avian hors d'oeuvre whilst using slow-moving reptiles as a stool. Is there no end to feline maleficence?

Apparently not.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Pussies are coming

We're doing a series of cat designs, featuring these elegant creatures enjoying themselves in a leafy Summer setting

This tea towel design is a tribute to all those feline friends who come and visit our garden every day. Some come to piss, some to poo, some merely leave a grimy hairy patch on my favourite deck chair. One of them, who's owner has not seen fit to emasculate him, likes to leave his odiferous essence from time to time.

For reasons of delicacy we have anthropomorphised these most natural of creatures and given you the panto version.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Now available in brown.

We DO like to blog on about our new stuff, but this time we're going to flag up an old favourite.
Its a Lush designs classic and we reckon it looks good in even the manliest domicile.

Guys, imagine yourselves casually doing some bicep curls whilst sipping on a fine Irish malt whisky and watching Eight out of Ten Cats - wouldn't this cool lampshade enhance the experience, whilst illuminating your ripped abs?

Go on; butch up your boudoir with The Lush Designs Dahlia lampshade