Sunday, 4 November 2012

Aye, tis HOME in Dartmouth

Be ye a salty old sea-dog just a rollin'into port and lookin' for some home accessories?

Well shiver-me-timbers - just lookee at this harvest-festive, all hallows-evenish, seasons of mists and mellow fruity, veg-tastic display at Lush Designs stockist HOME in Dartmouth


  1. Hello helloo!!! I saw your beautiful foxy lampshade in a magazine many moons ago and i have just stumbled across your site and blog, i am so pleased!!!!! Your bits and bobs are the loveliest things i have ever seen!!!!!!!! I could quite happily add your whole site to my xmas list…..for now i might just add the silk scarf and little pink flowery lampshade…

    Such beautiful things xxxxxxx

  2. Aw thanks oh tangly one! I just know Lush Designs will find a good home with you x