Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rodgers and Livings, the early years

Whilst clearing out some old files, this, our first ever business card turned up. Note the hand-rendered lettering (no computers in them days).

We called ourselves "Artists to the stars" on the strength of Diana Ross having once bought some earrings we'd made.  The logical extension of this being an imagineered composite of Irish Crooner Val Doonican wearing one of the papier maché constructions we were making at the time.

Mind you, we did have some famous earring customers,
here's Siouxie Sioux and wacky Pamela Stevenson looking very '80s in the '80s with some our Lushlobes earrings


  1. We sure had balls in those days! Hanging on to my 80's jewellery 'til the time is right.

  2. Don't know if our withered lobes could take the strain.