Friday, 17 August 2012

Dirty Cakes: A tribute

Are you lucky enough to have a dirty cake shop in your neighbourhood?

See here the coffer of flowers with the march of the dinosaurs bringing up the rear.

We at Lush Designs have several to choose from.  This is our favourite, not because the cakes are the dirtiest - why, there aren't any flies or even cobwebs visible.  No it is the combination of obvious great age (note the bleached out and grisly colours) with the charmingly frivolous designs.

Miss Havisham, eat your heart out (or at least chow down on the grey heart-shaped glory, top right)
Disney characters and beaded subtlety

 Virgin brides and drooping beige ribbons

Gambling on love

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lushlobes: The latest in an occasional series

Occasionally someone will come into the shop who remembers that Lush Designs was once Lushlobes.

The owner of this collection of ancient historical Lushlobes earrings is the lovely Julia Dunne. They're in such good condition that we are quite sure she has never got drunk and fallen asleep at a bus stop in them, or taken them off and put them in her handbag with an overripe and leaking banana and two sets of keys.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

In the Lush Designs Olymporium

The Olympics couldn't happen without the support of wonderful volunteers from all over the country.

This is Lynne and Roger Young.  Roger is part of the transport team for the Olympics.
Lynne looks after and prepares the medals before they are presented to the winners.  Her support is pivotal to the smooth running of medal presentation. 

Presumably if Lynne had been around when Bradley Wiggins had won the Tour De France she could have prevented the embarrassing Lesley Garret caterwauling and dress-swishing debacle by bundling Lesley into the back of a waiting van. 

Life imitates art

Our Jubilympic Royal Dressage tea towel has been selling like hot cakes as a result of the Equestrian events in Greenwich Park. Here's a detail of a winning Olympic eventer in the
  Pantomime Dressage section.

Imagine our delight when this real life embodiment of man-and-horse-in-symbiotic-harmony trotted by the shop. This fellow and his cerulean steed posed for us before galloping off to win a deserving Gold in the Bluest Face event. 

Come and visit us at the Lush Designs shop at 8 College Approach, Greenwich, SE10 9HY to experience the mayhem.

Thursday, 2 August 2012