Sunday, 19 February 2012

The world of Anna Blumenkrantz

Here's an idea of what to do with one of our tea towels if you can't be bothered to dry the dishes with it.

It come's from the blog of Anna Blumenkrantz

"When I saw those kitchen towels I knew exactly what I want to do with them. You must agree with me that it would be a shame to use them for the dirty kitchen work." .... says Anna.

We don't actually think its a shame to get gravy and grease on our tea towels, but Anna's a respectful kind of gal.

We follow her blog, not just because she's kind enough to blog Lush Designs, but because we enjoy seeing our neighbourhood through the eyes of an overseas student (she's at Goldsmith's).


  1. :) That's very kind of you!

    It's creepy, but today I ended up in Greenwich once again (showing around guests from home) and once again thought of you as I went past your shop. It's becoming a tradition. )) x A

  2. You should pop in a say hello, I was in the shop yesterday!

    1. Oh no, really? Next time I definitely will!

  3. Lovin' you're crazey blog ...
    keep it coming Team Lush !
    Of course i bIG love the product in all !
    (I'm not Joel though I'm FAnny Peppercorn )