Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Horses for Courses

There are those who appreciate the meat of the mighty equus - though we speak here not of horses for your MAIN courses - or even, ha ha, for your HORS D'OUEVRES

- Nay, or rather , ha ha, say NEIGH, here we mean equestrian events of course!!!!

Well anyway, we've designed a tea towel to commemorate the horsey Olympic events which will be happening in Greenwich park, and what with it being the Diamond Jubilee of our dear Queen its a bit royal and all.

If you haven't got tickets to see the galloping majors who will doubtless be ruining the grass Olympically you can always swing by the Lush Designs shop at 8 College Approach, Greenwich, SE10 9HY and pick up one of these as a souvenir. Available at the end of April.

If you can't wait until then have a look at our website and something might just whinny your heart, ha ha!