Monday, 6 February 2012

The Birdskin Shoes

Joan Taylor Rowan has written a wonderful book, which is available as an Kindle edition from Amazon

Its a magical tale about a boy with supernaturally sensitive feet, set in Mexico and full of colour and rich sensory delights. The protagonist Joey Pachuca ends up using his talents in the circus, which is the natural home of those of us with superpowers.

Unfortunately those of us who live in South East London whose super powers are as yet unrecognised will continue to toil away at the rock face that is Lush Designs.

Here is the the image on the cover, its by Mexican artist Teresa Villegas


  1. Yes beautiful will go check it out!:)

  2. yesterday I bought the large red owl lampshade from you, now home (back up North) and the lampshade fits perfectly and looks gorgeous..

    Just read down the blog a little way, beetroot is marvelous stuff, especially in chocolate cakes.


  3. Hey Darcy, glad you like Owly. Give my love to the North x