Saturday, 16 February 2013

NOT Lush Designs

Spotted in Norwich...

The fabric used for these craft projects looks strangely familiar.

The designer of this fabric has taken motifs from the Lush Designs ouevre and combined them ALL - in the one fabric print!

See if you can spot the trees from the owl print, the mushroom from the wild pigs print, the fox, the snails, the plants from the monkey print, the plants from the fox and cubs print, the raspberries from our tea towel, the spotty leaves from the cat print? Man, they've even got the beetroots with danglin' roots in there!



  1. As a budding designer, I'm curious--what do you do Ina situation like this?

  2. not spooky, just plain wrong

  3. Not sure - I was amused at first because I thought it was a youngster using our work as inspiration - then I found out its an ENORMOUS textile company called Prestigious Textiles. I'm going to contact their chairman.

  4. It's scary that people do this- what did the chairman have to say for him/herself? How do you make them stop without having to get in an expensive lawyer? Budding designer also! x

  5. Just googled Prestigious Textiles and found they sell at John Lewis!! Unless it was a different company. Won't be buying anything from them EVER

  6. That was them Lauren. You know what? I've decided to let the Universe take care of this one. We'll always move on to better things