Sunday 10 February 2013

Columbia Road !

Would you Adam and Eve it? In our continuing quest for world domination we've finally managed to cross the river to the East End and we've temporarily dominated a small shop in fabulous Columbia Road. Have a butcher's at this elegant display...

We're both cockneys at heart e'en though one of us be Irish and then other from the frozen North, so the proximity of both bagels and curry is imperative for future happiness. We'll be shovelling jellied eels in our North and South before you can say Ruby Murray.

The shop may only be the size of a bus shelter, but tardis-like we've managed to get all our stuff in there with a cunning curtain in Cottages and Castles fabric concealing all the crap.

We love this white-painted woodeny wall which provides the perfect backdrop for Lush designs cards and wrapping paper.
Come and visit us when you're down this way me old china - Lush Designs, 136 Columbia Road, London E2 7RJ, we're only open from Friday til Sunday when you can visit the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.
Meanwhile, you can have a gander at our website


  1. I will be cycling past there today - will press my nose against the glass.

  2. You can't I'm afraid, we're not allowed to leave the shutters off! Come and press your nose against us in Greenwich or East Dulwich when you get the chance x