Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lush Designs, yes. Carolyn Cheng, no.

We designed this HILARIOUS leaflet for our Greenwich shop way back in 2009.

Like Frankenstein's monster it has been revived and come to life on the website of someone who goes by the name of Carolyn Cheng. She's decided to claim it as her own design.

Blimey.  Its not THAT good.

Check out her website to see he complete portfolio of mysteriously diverse styles http://www.carolyndesign.co.uk/

Mind you, by the time you read this perhaps she'll have had the sense to remove our design and replace it with something she's designed herself.

To see OUR website in all its glory click right here www.lushlampshades.co.uk


  1. I went to have a look... and it has already been taken down (rightly so!)

  2. Bloody hell!!!! I am flipping glad she has removed it. I hope she hangs her head in shame and someone eventually sues her ass off xxx

  3. Errr the leaflet is still there...

  4. Yep still there, if you didn't know better it implies she designed the leaflet herself! Very poor show indeed.

  5. still there- I can't believe it- some people have no integrity