Friday, 14 December 2012

Happiness is a well-stocked shop

South East London has much to recommend it. 

The A2.  
The river Quaggy.
Catford Broadway.
The list is endless.....
and what is more, it has lovely East Dulwich.  Its villagey with proper butchers, greengrocers, ironmongers.  This is where Lush designs has found a new home.

This is our wall of shades in the Lush Designs Pop-Up shop on Lordship lane. The shelves may be somewhat industrial but they do a great job of supporting the teetering stacks of lampshades.
Come and visit us when you're down this way.

Lush Designs Pop-up shop, 106 Lordship Lane, London SE22 8HF


  1. After a tikka slice On Broadway I like to take a quick ride around the Catford Gyratory - nice times. Well done on a new shop in the right place, you're building a bit of an empire - inspiring stuff.