Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Royal Dressage Tea Towels

Ta da! They've arrived!

Fetchingly modelled here by Marie Rodgers and Nesba Crenshaw,
tea towels to celebrate the ol' Jubilee and Olympics that we are having happen all around us in Greenwich/London/England.

And see - It appears they've got some children to make the horse-jumps in Greenwich park out of matchsticks.

Involving the community. Sweeeet.

Available from the Lush Designs shop at 8 College Approach in Greenwich and very soon at


  1. Love it! Mmm, black & white. and grey.
    So what will be actually going on the Jubilee day? ...I am still considering making a plan of evacuation for the time of the Olympics ))

  2. Well I for one will be wearing a crown and making my subjects grovel.

  3. )) And heading the flotilla down the Thames, I guess