Monday, 23 April 2012

Clown Tea Towel

As if we haven't got enough tea towel designs...
A recent trip to see Zippo's circus was the deciding factor - hence the inclusion of the sexy Gaucho Gabriel Carmona ( bottom row on the right) who did hot and dirty things with flailing Argentinian banging twirlers (they probably have a better Spanish name)

He also doubled up as the photographer during the interval when the children lined up to be snapped with a tiny horse no bigger than a chunky golden labrador and about the same colour. Gabriel's Gaucho poise was not compromised by this activity, and he affected an impressive lunge whilst photographing each child.

Anyway, our clownish tea towel will be available in due course then you can all have a little bit of Gaucho in your kitchen.



  1. way hay! we all need a bit of Gaucho in our lives banging with hot and sexy twirlers! fnar mucky sid James laugh.... I'll get my coat, taxi waiting:)

  2. Haha great!!! There are never enough tea towl designs, don't you know? :) Great pic of Gaucho! Arrr ))

  3. He doesn't know he's on a tea towel design! I should tell him really.

  4. I love your work, it just gets better ! Especially
    the greys and the beetroot !!!

  5. Aw Rob. You're such a huge talent, we're incredibly honoured. I'm looking at a little ladder man kissing big woman cut-out card RIGHT NOW. Its perched on my window ledge next to my desk xx

  6. Are you in the shop today? :) heading in your direction soon )

  7. I WAS in the shop! I don't have a computer there! Was one of those lovely people YOU?!!!

  8. Oh no, you were? No, I didn't pop in, since I didn't know if you're there. But next time I'll ask you in advance )) It's always hard to plan anything when I have guests... and RAIN ((
    Cutty Sark looks nice though ;)

    1. I'm not usually there on Sundays. Saturday is my regular day. Hope your poor guests didn't get TOO wet.