Monday, 30 April 2012

The Queensberry Hotel, Bath

A dear ol' school chum let us know that she's stayed at The Queensberry Hotel in that most Jane Austenish of cities BATH. At that very hotel she's seen some of our Monkey lampshades. We think Bath is a right classy place and KNEW that The Queensberry must be quite, quite lovely.

This is Lauren, who runs The Queensberry.  You can tell to look at her that she's delightful, and a woman of great taste and discernment.

Lauren chose this monkey shade for the bar.....
and what a lovely bar it is...
Our chum said it was a rather gorgeous hotel and had a great time (with a gorgeous man apparently, harrumph).  I wonder if she and Mr Gorgeous had a cocktail made by the shakin' barman (above) - if so  I imagine it would have been something classy, a Sidecar or a Negroni perhaps; I do hope it wasn't anything tawdry like a Slippery Nipple.

Have a look at the Queensberry's website - its rather good and has a little purple dancing feller on it.

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