Wednesday, 14 September 2011

(trade) Show Business

Two or three times a year we at Lush Designs load a donkey cart with gubbins, trundle up West and show our wares at a Trade Show. Top Drawer at Earl's Court was where we were a few days ago. See how we created a magical environment within the confines of a 2x2.5m stand. This is where trade buyers and the press find themselves powerless to resist as we suck them into our evil vortex.

This excellent example of a nicely turned out young person is perusing our new range of prints. How sensible of her to be sporting (this season's must-have) yellow satchel and shoes - all the better to complement our purple wall.


  1. Looks great :) Hope you get lots of new business from it. I'm about to buy myself a new house and will definitely be purchasing some of your wares to furnish it. I've been a fan for ages and it is nice to see your stock in more and more shops I visit.

  2. Thanks Steph. Hope the move goes well!