Monday, 12 September 2011

Lush Designs, I repeat, Lush Designs.

You know how you've always wanted a duvet cover with the words "Adventure On" and a picture of a woodcutters axe on it? Well your dream will soon come true for we at Lush Designs have at long last created a repeat print on wide fabric and of this will be made bedlinen.

For those of you who are indifferent to tools and inspiring mottos there's some rabbits for the ladies and some architecture for the men.

As usual we've thought of everything.


  1. Oh my.....

    This is out of this world. Your products make me so happy!!

  2. Thank you Ciara. I love your blog.

  3. I literally love this! It truly brings a new feeling to your home. It makes it individual and whether or not people like the style, everybody warms to the personal touches! SO much better than copying and pasting what's in the Next catalogue into your home. x