Monday, 26 September 2011

Lushest East Dulwich

Never let it be said that we at Lush only have each other.
No, for we have friends, REAL friends. The kinda gals who you need to have around when a shop needs a lick of (industrial grey) paint.

This is the work of knit specialist Row Pinto, whose exquisitely soft scarves in coloured stripes make your heart go PING.

She, like us has a studio at Cockpit Arts and now you will find her work alongside ours at Grace and Favour on Northcross Road in East Dulwich.

Not only is she the nimble-knitter of woollen wonders, but she's thoroughly nice person and (as is oft said of crusty old variety artistes such as Bruce Forsythe and Madonna) one of the hardest working people in this business.
Here's Row vacuuming before painting the floor. Who's got the cutest face, her or Henry? You decide.

Half -done.

Ah the smell of fresh paint. Almost, but not quite as good as the smell of the top of a baby's head.

Here's dear Amanda Ross putting one of her botanical prints on the wall.

She's fellow Cockpit Arts resident and in common with most designer-makers is erotically obsessed with Leonine Rock-Legend, Robert Plant. Now she's got her work in Grace and Favour perhaps we should have Improbable Bob's bleatings playing on a loop to soothe the customers and create a sophisticated ambience.

We were lucky enough to have a camera handy when this stylish customer (below) came into the shop. We thought she looked particularly elegant in front of a display of Amanda's delicate flower prints.

...and what was the choice of this person-of-good-taste? Why, she chose a Thames-inspired shade for her (doubtless impeccable) home. Thank you for your custom Madam, and thanks for looking so chic in the shop.

A teetering Lush Designs shade display as would tempt any homeowner.

Come and see the real thing at 35 North Cross Road, London SE22 9ET, as well as 8 College Approach, SE10 9HY.


  1. Awesome! I cannot wait to get down to London & visit!

  2. Oh I love these design's .....I have only seen then in East Dulwich and now i have moved to cheltenham, Glos, and I can t get my hand's on any....:( I hope there will be an internet shopping page for these great lampshades and prints sooon!!!!