Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Those of you who are good at sewing can now avail yourself of Lush Designs cotton fabric - we keep some in the Lush Designs Greenwich shop. If its not too busy we'll sell you some - if the shop is heaving you can order some to pick up later. 

The repeat for cottages and castles has a vertical repeat 90cm with a half drop pattern match. The Wild Boar has a 45.5 cm vertical repeat with a straight pattern match. The printed width is 142cm. Its £43.50 a metre and is suitable for curtains and furnishing...

or for a dress for one of your littel chilrun.  Aaaw x


  1. My dream came true! Remember I was asking you for LUSH curtains?
    Alas, I already bought fabric from IKEA, it was a tough life with ugly curtains before I got I wanted ;)

  2. Hey Anna! make some wild pig hot pants!

  3. Haha, nice idea! But only if you can manage the temperature outside! Otherwise I can't display them to the public, you know?