Monday, 18 June 2012

Complete Bustards

 What happens when you do a drawing of some bustards ...
... a few days later some vases arrive from Stoke-on-Trent.  Magic!

I took this photo in the shop next to one of our new scarves and a new alliterative Cottages and Castles cushion.

Is there no end to the newness?


  1. Beautiful!

    Actually, I was thinking lately if you had small bits of fabric you are not going to use for anything? But most probably you don't deal with fabric yourself? (Just having some exciting projects ideas going through my mind ;))

  2. We haven't as yet - our cushions are printed as panels - but now that we have fabric printed by the yard and are having cushions made from that its possible there will be offcuts. It is possible to buy half a meter of fabric if you just need a small amount x

  3. Cheers! I rather need many different bits than a whole piece.
    I'm thinking of a soft circuit graffiti - stitching with conductive thread and leaving it somewhere in the city - on a lamp post, tree or whatever :)) So probably a plain fabric would work better, as you can stitch text on it more clearly.
    I just had this image in mind with the combination of your beautiful fabric and dirty industrial space ;) Maybe I'll do that as a different project when I'm finished in Sept, haha :)