Thursday, 10 May 2012

Deptford Bees

When you're feeling all sad because of the never ending bloody rain think of the poor bees who are out there in all weathers gathering nectar in their tiny, frozen paws and flying with their damp, bedraggled wings back to their mouldy hives only to be bossed about by a big fat queen who says "Stop moaning, get making that honey and where's my ROYAL JELLY!"

Inspired by our local bees, ALL of which have visited our garden I reckon, we have created this beelightful design which will probably get made into a tablecloth within a soonish timeframe.

When they're not appearing on one of our designs those poor exhausted bees have been making Deptford Creek Honey which is doubtless what Pearly Kings and Queens have on their toast for breakfast.


  1. Hihii, the Royal Jelly :)) Love it!
    I will still moan about the weather though...

  2. Wow, lovely design.

    Queens may be bossy, but it should be remembered that one of the bee colonies moved to the riparian delights of Deptford Creek from the world of motorcycling. They might well answer back.

  3. Were they nesting in the fuel tank of Triumph Bonneville? Its set me off on a whole new narrative idea....

  4. Not sure about the fuel tank, but nesting in a Triumph Bonneville sounds right. JK can confirm the details. The late Pete Pope and I sat in the Dog and Bell, a day or two after JK told us about recovering the colony, discussing the concept of a 'Deptford Biker Bees' comic strip, or suchlike.

    As with many beer-fuelled ideas nothing ever came it. I hope your narrative idea progresses further than ours did.