Saturday, 19 May 2012

Absolute Bustards

When we were little gals long long time ago there was much talk of The Great Bustard and how terrifically ENDANGERED they are. We would quite like to see them re-introduced to the grasslands of Deptford park.  They are probably about eight feet tall and most ancient and noble, although having never actually seen one in real life we can't be certain.  What is certain however is that we must all take care of our natural environments and our wildlife, e'en though, in the case of Great Bustards, they may have an unfortunate name which combines a slightly rude chest-type word with a very insulting term for a person whose parents aren't married.

Just look what happened to Ammonites and Trilobites! They became mere fossils! Although a close look at that ubiquitous arthropod the woodlouse would suggest that it had a Trilobial ancestor. 

(Its a design for a vase by the way)


  1. They are sooo cute!
    Love the scissors :)

    Dying to see the vase!

  2. The scissors were an attempt to hint at a pre-industrial archeology including Woman's detritus - and they looked like birds.