Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Room, Lytham St Anne's

Many, many years ago one of us Lush Designers was a teenager - and that teenager once spent a cold and windy week by the sea with her friend, Susan at Susan's Auntie Elsie and Uncle Bob's.

Here is where they lived - in Lytham StAnne's...

In order to escape from Auntie Elsie's execrable cooking and terrifying wig, we would spend hours down the pier in the hope of meeting bad men. We were moderately successful in this endeavour, but mercifully these dark and greasily attired men of ill-repute were uninterested in us, for they had one-armed bandits and other coin-operated entertainments to supervise, and Susan and I had 30AA busts and polyester smock-dresses which were unalluring to ne'er-do-wells.

When we had tired of failing to attract the attention of dodgy geezers we would shuffle back to Auntie Elsie and Uncle Bob's and be served up another plateful of rock hard bacon, processed peas and tea made with sterilised milk, made even less digestible by the accompaniment of Uncle Bob's right-of-Hitler political pronouncements and Elsie's alarming trick of manoeuvring her specs back up to the bridge of her nose whenever they slid down, with a series of athletic grimaces, hands-free, so to speak.

If Bad Men are not your scene, the Fylde coast is still worth visiting, if only to visit this LOVELY shop in Lytham.

Aptly named ROOM, and look, they've made a lovely display of Lush Designs products, so that the good burghers of Lancashire shall not be deprived of Lushness.

Visit Room at 37 Clifton Street, Lytham St Annes FY8 5ER

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