Saturday, 14 January 2012

Prints Charming

Some unwise people have had recessed spotlights fitted in their houses. While we are not against the unwise per se, (see dear little fools depicted above) Where the jiggins are they going to put a Lush Designs lampshade in their unecessarily modernised dwelling places?

What those same people are allergic to cushions?
Eat takeaways and have no need of tea towels?
Only swig from the bottle and drink not from mugs?

How can we at Lush Designs infiltrate their homes?

Ha! A simple print of one of our illustrations, on lovely Hannemuhle rag paper.
We have quite a few to choose from at the Lush Designs Shop in Greenwich...

A cheery beetroot (one of the veg series)

A noble stag

A cottage (in which no recessed spotlights are to be found)

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