Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Olympic Year

You may or may not know that the 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events are taking place in Greenwich Park, within trotting distance of the Lush Designs shop in Greenwich. Unfortunately we have failed to secure tickets for the Dressage which is our FAVOURITE sport.

No matter. We shall climb one of the noble plane trees that grace the perimeter of the park, get out our binoculars and peep at the goings on as is our God-given right.

This is an artists impression of one of the Horse Driving trials. Prince Philip may well be too old/poorly to participate so I imagine some other esteemed Royal will keep the royal end up.


  1. A lovely illustration and evil Olympic Games organisation ))
    I'm note sure you receive notifications about messaged on other blogs, so I'll repost my answer here:

    I bought a "mermaid" lamp at your store the day before yesterday and just literally fell in love with all your designs! I even asked whether you had curtains with these beautiful patterns. It was definitely not my last visit! :)

    1. No, I didn't get notification, but there's probably a way of doing that.
      We're designing a range of fabrics, but its a slow thing and the economics of it are a bit terrifying! However we are asked every day for fabric by the yard and this year will see many new developments. So glad you like the lampshade!