Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tins on tinternet

Those dandycats are putting in an appearance once again;
This time on a handy storage tin which would be just the thing to put your teabags/pencils/cottonwoolballs/sweeties in;

or if you're a cat you could keep a dead bird in it.

Available soon at and RIGHT NOW at The Lush Designs Shop, 8 College Approach, Greenwich, SE10 9HY.


  1. Love the design on this tin, but don't like to think of it with a dead bird inside!! Thank you for being over at My French Country Home today, we're loving it!

  2. Absolutely right up my alley!! I'm going to look into lining a shelf in my pantry with these whimsical tins! Love them!!

  3. I just came over from my french country home, and i have to say i am bowled over by this work. I like everything you have made. the quirky design elements, the things you choose to admire. Brilliant! Im going to your shop directly!

  4. Arrived here through my French Country Home, didn't know your items before. You rock. All the best

  5. Hey people! Thanks for the kind comments - a pig bag will be winging its way to the giveaway recipient who came our way via
    Tra la!

  6. I cannot wait until these are available. I am also going to create a nice little line in my pantry. I'll keep looking!!