Thursday, 13 January 2011

Deerly beloved

"Oh how I wish I had a lampshade with a stag on it, several dogs, three pheasants and some viaducts!
... In a smaller size too? Hot red would be - hot......
... in cream, perchance, and metallic gold...
... in that most directional of colourways, viridian and prussian blue....?"

Well, here you are. Buy these and you can have all the thrill of hunting without the concomitant bloodshed!
Tally ho!
Available soon from


  1. These are just beautiful. I have the monkey design in my bedroom but I'm looking for a nice bright blue or lime green one for my lounge. I will keep my eyes open for these when I next pop in.

  2. Just hopped over from Sharon's blog and fallen in love with your lampshades. Now so pleased our 7 year old broke one of ours doing a sofa to sofa batman move - I have the excuse to browse with intent!

  3. These are just gorgeous! In a perfect world I'd have one of each and I'd just pop around the corner and purchase them. Sarah