Thursday, 21 October 2010

In Greenwich last week.

Lumme - look at this. See that pearly king and queen, they've even got their very own pearly taxi.

Look very closely at that taxi window - see "Princess Diane and PRINCESS MARIA"
I don't know who princess Diane is -
but princess Maria;
do you think they mean ...


  1. hurrah i too saw King Pearl and his Queen on Saturday , they are our current reigning Pearly monarchs of the highly esteemed and so very Royal boro o' Plumstead, god save em alas by the time my picture was taken her ladyship had retired to the back seat wrapped in a union flag I asked him about Princess maria , and yes he did indeed mean yourself Maria , and he had both a passport photo of you along with a lock of your hair preserved in a pearly locket inscribed lush designs rule ( britannia)double hurrah !

  2. Hi I am Princess Diane the Pearly princess of St Pancras and Alf the Pearly King's daughter.