Sunday, 31 October 2010


A little while back a charming young man came into the shop and bought these Lush designs vinyl graphics to decorate his shutters.

It transpired that he was not merely a customer, but a fellow traveller so to speak.
Richard Catchweasel (for it is he) designs and makes beautiful furniture.
His eccentric hand-made pieces are a delight.

Knowing my love of God's creatures Richard commissioned me to draw his rampant weasel logo for him.

Here it is on a gorgeous T shirt available from
Modelled here by my daughter, who is also modelling a plate of curry.

This may look like a sad puppy but in fact its a wonderfully clever table with an ingenious compartment for your journals.

I like to think that the object below could be described as a console - or even a credenza
(two of the best words in the English language).

I simply adore it.

Like the mongrel offspring of a school desk and a wizard.

He has promised to provide us with a piece that we can display in our new shop soon.

Richard also makes sideboards and the like that wouldn't confuse a those of more classical tastes. See more on his lovely website -

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