Thursday, 17 June 2010


We at Lush Designs are not only busy and important - we also create many products which are popular and successful.
We have to make lots of these birds - here's a pile of them without their wings.
In the olden days we screen-printed them ourselves, cut them out individually and sanded them by hand. We got fed up with being covered in ink, having sawdusty nostrils and vibration white-finger, so we now get Ken and Les to print and sand them and a robot cuts them out.

Its not all glamour though. Look what lurks in the back of the shop. A load of colours on a shelf which are saying:
"Come on! Those birds aren't going to paint themselves. Stop grinning at customers and asking them if they're visiting Greenwich for the day. They're not interested in your opinion of the weather. Get in the back and start painting birds".
Yes, it is still we that gets our hands mighty inky and makes those wooden birds into the colours that our customers can match to their decor/eyes/favourite cardigan.
Then of course we have to put them in bags and all; a pleasant job that can be done whilst listening to The Archers or one's ipod.

A bowl of birds ready for sale in gay profusion at the Lush Designs shop

Here's one we made earlier
These little birds have been a best-seller for us for a few years now

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