Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Great Shade of London


You can now purchase one of these huge lampshades at the Lush Designs shop. They come in a variety of delightful colours and lovers of the macabre can choose the design which includes the drowned lady, whilst those of a squeamish disposition may go for the corpseless option.

This particular dead woman appeared in an earlier post when we first started working on this designs. Let that be a warning to those of you who are tempted to stray near the Thames in a state of inebriation.

For the enormously housed among us its the ideal statement piece. Imagine if this was displayed in one's baronial hall; the neighbours would be GREEEN with envy.


  1. Woweeee. Thats AMAZING! will you do a hebdn bridge one too????

    LOVE it! x

  2. These are really gorgeous! At first I thought the green one was a view of Greenwich - any chance you could start work on a view from the North bank looking South as well?


  3. I've got to do a smaller version because not so many people can accommodate such an enormous thing. The view isn't strictly accurate. I've customised London really. For instance - I can't see a shoe shop on Columbia road from Greenwich but I put one on there anyway.