Saturday, 11 November 2017

Fowl play

Those of us who enjoy walking in urban parks take an interest in the wildfowl therein.
Who could fail to be delighted by the sight of a majestic Canada Goose or a comical moorhen?

We've committed these delights to print and produced a set of three stacking bowls as a tribute to this feature of our urban nature-scape. In gentle blue-green and black on cream, these bowls are oven-proof and look great empty or full of soup, salad or satsumas.
You can buy them at

As an afterthought, we also made a Christmas card with this Greylag Goose who fortunately has escaped the fate of many a poor goose at this time of year. We'll not be feasting on bird this year, and will enjoy our Mushroom Wellington in the knowledge that no goose perished to grace our table. 

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