Monday, 13 October 2014

Bathroom lushness and 15% off!

In case you though there was something missing from your life, here are our new shower curtains and pottery bathroom accessories.

The shower curtains are available now from and the beakers and soap dishes will be VERY SOOOON.

Use the code pisces to get 15% off orders over £30 until October 31st


  1. Hi Maria! Are you going to be around in the Greenwich shop this weekend? (Thursday to Sunday, 27-30 Nov) I'll be in London for an arts project and would love to pop by to say hi, if I manage to with the tight schedule...

  2. Aargh - I didn't see this message til this morning! x

  3. Not to worry, I didn't make it to greenwich anyway. Had too many plans as always... I think i'll just order online instead :)) want to a lampshade-beauty to a very good friend who is having a housewarming party.