Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Henry VIII's docks, Convoy's wharf

The home of Lush Designs is is Deptford in South East London, within spitting distance of the river Thames (although we'd never be so vulgar as to expectorate into its crystal waters)

We're doing a project inspired by our local maritime history. The largest area of undeveloped land in London is Convoy's Wharf in Deptford, the site of Henry VIII's docks. This site is soon to be redeveloped by Hong Kong based investment company Hutchison Whampoa. There is great deal of concern locally that the development might not take into account the wishes and needs of the local people and the magnificent History of the site.

Build The Lenox is a campaign which proposes that Convoy's Wharf be the site of an amazing ship-building project, re-creating the glories of our maritime history in the building of Henry VIII's war ship The Lenox from the original plans.

...and here's our artists impression of what The Lenox will look like when its built.

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