Sunday, 20 January 2013

HOME Earl's Court

Exhibiting at home is a fixture in the Lush Designs diary.
Getting ready for a show is the most frightful palaver

Luckily we had student Honor Edgcombe helping us.  Here she is peeping cheekily from behind the console whilst doing something dangerous and important with a stanley knife.  We managed to send her back to Nottingham where she's studying on the Decorative Arts Degree course with most of her fingers still attached. Phew she'll still be able to throw pots and do drawings etc.

Here's one of our new Bee Garden cushions featuring the Bee Conjurer.

This is what our dark and CHOCOLATEY stand looked like. Hey! Remember Lime Barrel and Strawberry Cream chocolates in Terry's All Gold? Kinda puts me in mind of those delicious chocs.....
waddya mean you preferred the Montelimar? Sheesh 

Our deliciousness managed to secure many orders for Lush designs including one from Whippet
in Balham.
Balham here we come!!!

For those of you who live far from Balham, visit us at


  1. Love your work against a chocolatey background!

  2. Just looks beautiful. My ultimate dream room would be decorated head to toe on your designs, just so very beautiful!!! Gaaah xxxx

  3. MY ultimate dream room would contain Michael Fassbender dipped in chocolate.