Monday, 3 September 2012

Paralympic pandemonium!

The paralympics has seen yet more equestrian gold medals for team GB, and spectators thronged Greenwich once again, many of them in need of a tasteful souvenir such as only Lush designs can provide.

In order to guide visitors to Lush Designs Sarah, our enterprising employee commandeered the help of a cheery gang of gamesmakers.

Under Sarah's choreographic instruction the iconic foamy pink pointing hands were able to draw attention to the Lush Designs Shop. Which has been described as
"The best place to buy Jubilympic tea towel or a Horse bag" by neither the Queen nor Lord Sebastian Coe.

Observe the serious attention with which these customers select products. Now they've finished their sandwiches they can use the vacant space within those back-packs to stash their purchases. 

Those of you who live too far from London to experience Paralympic Pandemonium, can still avail themselves of lush Designs Lovliness at