Thursday, 19 July 2012

In the shop today...

Who be this lovely maiden?  She is SURELY a young film actress about to star in a small independent film about coming of age in the bleak estuary salt marshes.

WRONG.  She is our work experience girl Nina who would be completely wasted on film-acting, she's  intelligent, mature and very good at ironing tea towels.

Lookee here. Green and blue and all those kind of lampshades that would go with a serene decor.

PLUS JUBLYMPIC COASTERS.  No bandwagon goes by without Lush Designs jumping on it and we're going to mark the Olympic equestrian events any way we can.


  1. Oh, your JUBLYMPIC COASTERS are absolutely adorable! And Nina as well of course! :))

    Might pop in to your shop tomorrow, as once again we have some friends visiting. And Greenwich is always a must :))

  2. Hopefully see you tomorrow then!