Friday, 12 August 2011

Butterfly Cakes v Cupcakes

We have a problem with cupcakes.

Why all the icing? Bleeeagh.

We also have a niggling suspicion also that they are retrogressive and anti-feminist. A wholesome flapjack could never be accused of this for they uphold the spirit of the Greenham Common Women (look it up, young folks).

Having voiced this opinion one day in the shop an observant customer explained that cupcakes are indeed the bastard offspring of Kath Kidston. Which explains everything.

Time for a revival of the Butterfly Cake as seen here being served up in the garden by some cats who might be familiar if you know our work already.
Its not compulsory to use real butterflies - but they add a touch of sophistication we think.

This design will be appearing on our new china mugs in the Autumn. Pussy lovers take note.


  1. Great! I have a fondness for butterfly cakes, and am guilty of eating just the butterflies and leaving the sponge bottoms for everyone else.

  2. I'm sure you could find someone to eat your sponge bottom.

  3. Those butterfly cakes are soooo sweet!

  4. ha ha fantastic! gorgeous designs, just love your work! thank you for you comment, I hope you're staying strong and positive too, life's tough sometimes we need more cats in kinky boots eating butterfly cakes!!xx