Thursday, 18 November 2010

SOCIETY, big, high; whatever

Hey! Remember that great BIG SOCIETY? Yes, that one.
Did you fail to get to grips with the CONCEPT?

Did you confuse it with the cheerful yet incisive film of a similar name?

Fear not!
Here's a guy who can biff away the bafflement!

He's Jesse Norman, Conservative MP for Herefordshire and South Herefordshire....

(Not to be confused with the exquisite soprano Jessye Norman)

Still bewildered?

Don't worry Jesse explains it all in his book. In fact I heard him the other day on the radio explaining how it was all grand in the 1860s when we was all looked-arfter by kindly old Chuzzlewits and we didn't have any narsty old welfare state spoilin' everyfink.


  1. Oh, this is pure genius, does it come in a cushion?!

  2. I want this on postcards, murals, neckties, samplers, stained glass windows, tattoos, anything. Please?