Monday, 13 September 2010

Lush Designs at Top Drawer

Observe this skilled product-tweaking.

A couple of times a year Lush Designs takes a stand at a Trade show. This is where we show our new designs to trade buyers and meet the people who buy for hundreds of retail outlets from grand palaces of designs such as the exquisite department store Liberty , to wonderful little jewel-like shops like Frank in Whitstable

Here stands Helen Minns who is a close personal friend of ours and whose studio is within waving/whistling/chortling distance of ours. We contrived to have our stands side by side at Top Drawer - but CURSES! That Pesky Helen Minns created a stand of elegance and subtlety and her delicious etchings and lineny lovliness made us BOIL with JEALOUSY!!!!

There was only one thing for it ...

Unfortunately I was caught on camera.
Helen was found herself compelled to react with a tit-for-tat stanley knife revenge incident attempt.