Monday, 5 July 2010

Pussies are coming

We're doing a series of cat designs, featuring these elegant creatures enjoying themselves in a leafy Summer setting

This tea towel design is a tribute to all those feline friends who come and visit our garden every day. Some come to piss, some to poo, some merely leave a grimy hairy patch on my favourite deck chair. One of them, who's owner has not seen fit to emasculate him, likes to leave his odiferous essence from time to time.

For reasons of delicacy we have anthropomorphised these most natural of creatures and given you the panto version.


  1. Lovely work. I've put a post about my visit to your shop in Greenwich - the cards went down very well with my family and friends.

  2. hahahaha. Cats - arent they just lovely!

    great new design!

  3. Fab design i'm looking after a neighbours cat and have had to remove a half eaten starling not a pretty site.. So what about dogs eh? As long as there not playing pool or poker and smoking cigars and pipes its got to be a winner.