Thursday, 26 November 2009

Foxy fever!

New! New! New!
We've now got a whole range of lovely fox and cubs products for sale in our Lush Designs shop in Greenwich. Very soon they'll be up on our website so all you faraway folk can buy them too.

Here's me drinking my tea from my fox mug.


  1. Hello foxy lady :) We have lush designs in our neck of the woods at last - hooray - at Dare to Joust!

  2. how wonderful to discover your blog and your new fox and cubs design. Can't WAIT to have some.x

  3. was at Top Drawer today and saw your new fox design and have to say it is absolutely stunning - one of the best things I saw at the show. When do you plan to have it for sale on your website?

  4. Foxand cubs products available at now! Tea towels and aprons coming soon...